Photo of Aleksander DiasAleksander Dias was born in Angola Africa to Polish and Portuguese parents.

His family lived in Portugal and Poland. Aleksander’s background was mostly Polish, influenced by Poland when his family moved to Canada. Aleksander was fluent in the languages of English, Polish, Portuguese and a little French.

Aleksander went to university where he graduated as a medical doctor. He later traveled to the United States where he studied and practiced psychiatry. Aleksander returned to Canada where he opened up his practice in psychiatry and psychology in an office tower in Toronto, and later moved his practice to his home.

Dr. Aleksander Dias became a Keeper of the Flame in 1992, and dived right in at the very beginning to the decrees and attending the services regularly. Aleksander loved to decree and was a dedicated Chela of the ascended masters.

Aleksander was a very generous man and opened up his home for the location of the centre when the teaching centre located in a residential property had been sold and the centre had to find a new location.

Aleksander served for many years on the board of trustees as president and vice-president. He and his wife were generous donors to the centre, both were financially very supportive. Aleksander was gentle, peaceful and loving, and was always ready to help.

Aleksander was a good psychologist on ascended master psychology where he talked to many of his clients about the teachings with some joining as a Keeper of the Flame. He was recognized and given an award as one of the best psychologists in Toronto. Aleksander translated from English to the Polish language Keeper of the Flame lessons and books on the Violet Flame and the ascended masters.

Photo of Aleksander and his wife RaisaAleksander and his wife attended the Summer Conference and Summit University in Montana regularly every summer. They had purchased a mobile home that they felt was a gift from the ascended masters located close to the ranch where members and friends could stay for free so they can attend the conference and Summit University.

There are many fond memories of friends who had stayed at the mobile home. In 2017 Aleksander became blind in both eyes and developed schizophrenia where Raisa looked after him until he was taken to the hospital this past April. Both Aleksander and Raisa were supported by the Toronto community. They both were kept in touch by very close members.

Aleksander will be remembered as being joyful and childlike who loved to dance and sing, his wife Raisa said that their marriage was not accidental. They both lived together for twenty years in love and peace serving the ascended masters.

by Michael van Holst

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