Photo of Bruce Preston
Beloved Bruce Preston was a long-standing member and dedicated Keeper of the Flame of the Toronto Teaching Centre. We will remember Bruce for his constant attendance at all of our services in Toronto and his participation in most social gatherings. Our community members loved him as he was a kind, generous man with a big heart who cared about the teachings and community members. He was delighted when someone joined the teachings and enjoyed welcoming them into the community.

Bruce loved Mother and Lanello. He attended the summer conferences regularly every year. When he was in attendance at a summer conference, he would hope that Mother would show up. And Bruce had a very close dedication to Padre Pio.

Photo of Bruce Preston and his wife
Bruce and his wife Irene

When Bruce said he would do something, he did it. He was true to his word. He was also detailed oriented. One day, Bruce determined to organize and preserve the teaching center’s library of cassette and VCR tapes. He also organized all the Pearl of Wisdom and placed them in binders.

In the later years of Bruce’s retirement, Bruce was admitted to the Mackenzie Health Hospital in Richmond Hill. Due to the daily special care that Bruce required, he remained in the hospital living in the retirement section. During many visits to the hospital, Bruce would ask about the Teaching Centre and its members. The Toronto community did not forget about Bruce. We would bring him up to date on the latest news. And he was visited regularly, especially on his birthday. On Bruce’s 85th birthday, our community was invited to join Bruce’s family in a room specially arranged with the hospital for this special celebration.

Bruce passed on with his wife Irene at his side on Tuesday, May 11, 2021.

by Jerry Kozoriz


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