To All of Our Dear Members,

The Summit Lighthouse of Toronto at 228 Finch Avenue West is MOVING at the end of October 2023.

man moving boxesWe would like to inform you that our lease at 228 Finch Ave is coming to its end. We have elected to not renew the lease, given the age of the building and some of the structural challenges that we have faced due to its aging infrastructure. We have initiated the process to look for another place. In the meantime, we will be storing our belongings in a storage facility in the nearby area.

We will continue to keep the flame in our hearts and in our home for the City of Toronto and for the country of Canada. The moving date is set to happen before the end of the month of October. A firm date will be provided soon.

men packingWe could please use your help to shred old papers, to pack books and other items in boxes and to help sort. We are planning a packing day for Saturday, October 14 2023. We will be confirming the date in a future email.

We appreciate all of your support in the form of prayers and financial contributions. Please continue to donate as we will need to cover our ongoing expenses and the cost of the move. We thank you for your love and light in the service of the Ascended Masters and the Light of God that never fails.

The centre will be open for the fall conference at the beginning of October before we move. Details of the conference will be sent out shortly. 

Always Victory,

The Board of the Toronto Teaching Center 

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