Thursday, Oct. 5th – Sunday, Oct. 8th

In-Person or Online

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From October 5th to 8th, you are invited to embark on an extraordinary journey at The Summit Lighthouse’s Harvest Conference 2023, called “A Vision of Wholeness for the New Age. This spiritual event is designed to raise your consciousness and connect you to eternal truths. Experience the dynamic synergy of timeless wisdom, spiritual connection, and community in a space dedicated to personal and planetary

Prepare for a transformative experience that will bring you into deep contact with the Ascended Masters and your Higher Self. No matter where you are on your spiritual path, whether just embarking on this journey or deeply ingrained in your practices, the Harvest Conference 2023 promises to offer transformative experiences that will resonate with you. Join us for this unique opportunity to elevate your spiritual understanding, all aligned with the inner journey toward a vision of wholeness for the New Age.



A New Heaven and a New Earth

Experience the Transformation:
A Glimpse from Summer Conference 2023

Curious about what to expect from the Ascended Masters Harvest Conference  2023?

Take a moment to watch our showcase video featuring 3 hours from
our Summer Conference 2023, where attendees experienced the
transformative lecture, “How to Enter A New Heaven and a New Earth.”

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