The Past Lives of Beloved EL MORYA- Follow God’s Will

El Morya
El Morya (Khan) is the founder of The Summit Lighthouse® and the guru of the messengers Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. He is also the Chohan of the first ray of God’s Will.

The name El Morya (or Morya El) is derived from Maraya.

  • Ma stands for the feminine nature of God.
  • Ra signifies the Father aspect and refers to the term used by ancient Egyptians for ray or sun.
  • Ya refers to the Yod of God or the third part of the trinity of the Holy Spirit.
  • El is from ancient Hebrew, signifying Elohim or God.

Therefore, the syllables of this name El Maraya appropriately glorify God in all ways.

Glorifying the Will of God is the primary quality of devotion that the soul of El Morya exemplified in his many embodiments. This will was also demonstrated by the other godly attributes of the 1st Ray, such as the right use of power, courage, dependability, faith, and perfection, mastery of the throat chakra, among many other qualities.

The Past Lives of El Morya

The many incarnations of El Maraya or El Morya demonstrate to his chelas (devotees) how a life devoted to God is lived.

Let’s review a few of these lives.

Abraham the Patriarch
Sometimes called the Father of Christianity and of Judaism, Abraham is known for the supreme test of his faith and his willingness to sacrifice his only son when God tested that faith.

Melchior was one of the three wise men who followed the Star of Bethlehem to find the baby Jesus. The Ascended Masters teach that the three wise men were illumined lifestreams who followed their own “still, small voice within”—the promptings of their inner Christ Presence. The Kings Melchior, Balthazar and Caspar came not only to pay loving homage to Jesus who was to become “The King of the Piscean Age,” but also to give certain necessary spiritual radiations which were to bless the Holy Family then and later.

Melchior bore the gift of gold to Jesus.

“Long ago, when my name was known as Melchior and I came with Kuthumi [Gaspar] and Djwal Kul [Balthazar} as one of the wise men of the East, as I came riding upon a camel to lay my offering at the feet of the Christ, I knew then that one day I should be devoted to the service of God’s will. And so, beholding his Son as the epitome of good will, I journeyed to him with heart full of love to plight to him my hand and heart and head in the divine dimension. I pledged it all to the young babe, and I remembered and recalled the will of God as it manifested in the angelic ministrants’ song coming through the heavens with paeans of praise to God: “Glory to God in the highest.” – El Morya, July 3, 1965

El Morya has also said: “My beloved chelas of the will of God, among those who love the LORD very few are willing to do his will and to walk in his footsteps.”  Pearls of Wisdom® Vol 23 No 1.

King Arthur
King Arthur is often referred to as the legendary king of the Round Table. His famed mystery school of Camelot existed during the fifth or sixth century. In that embodiment, King Arthur’s spiritual mission was to guard the inner teachings of the mystery school and to call together the knights and ladies of the Round Table to be initiated in the mysteries of the Christ.

He drove the Saxon invaders from Britain and united the kingdom. His order of the Knights of the Round Table had a code of chivalry which bound them to defend the helpless from the wicked and evildoers and to uphold the ideals of purity, truth, mercy, faithfulness, and generosity.

Saint Sergius of Russia
With the given name of Bartholemew, a priest told his parents at the time of his baptism, “Be filled with happiness and joy; your son will be a servant of the Holy Trinity.”

He became a monk with the chosen name of Sergius. In his humility, he refused to become the abbott of the small monastic community when asked by his fellow monks. However, later a bishop convinced him that it was God’s Will for him to be ordained to the priesthood. He acquiesced.

His disciples increased and he became the founder of a spiritual school. He had not desired fame, but fame found him throughout this lifetime due to his obedience to the Will of God and his right use of power.

Thomas a' Beckett
In this embodiment, El Morya was the Chancellor of England under Henry II. His devotion to the Will of God often conflicted with the wishes of the King.

He later became the Archbishop of Canterbury, and though Sir Thomas loved the king dearly, he had an unwillingness to compromise his faith. He always tried to follow what he believed to be God’s Will. Unfortunately, his beliefs and Henry’s will conflicted. This led to his brutal murder by the king’s faithful knights.

Sir Thomas More
Returning in this lifetime to the service of the king as Chancellor of England, the soul of El Morya found himself befriended by the same soul who was Henry II, now embodied as Henry VIII.

Again, Thomas found himself having to choose between his faith in God, God’s Will and his faithfulness to the king. Refusing to deny the authority of the Pope as the spokesperson for God, Henry convicted him of treason and later beheaded him.

Before his beheading, it has been said that Sir Thomas said that he was “the king’s good servant, but God’s first.”

Akbar the Great
The soul of El Morya next returned as a Mogul ruler in India. He was known as Akbar the Great, one of India’s greatest rulers, and a defender of the Islam religion.

Akbar the Great's Court
Considered to be an enlightened ruler, he displayed courage in trying to unify the country, ending discrimination against Hindus, putting an end to torture, and allowing all people, no matter the religion, to serve equally with Moslems in government.

Thomas Moore the Poet
Thomas was an Irish poet and the national lyricist of Ireland during the mid-1800s. He wrote ballads and Irish melodies. Thomas was known for his submission to the Will of God, for his kindness, his love, and his goodwill towards all.

One of his most famous romantic ballads is entitled, “Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms,” which is an ode to the Will of God.

El Morya Khan
In this final embodiment, the soul of El Morya returned as a Rajput prince in India. He joined with the souls of Gaspar [Koot Hoomi] and Balthazar [Dwal Kul] to found the Theosophical Society. In this lifetime, his focus was on acquainting mankind with the laws of the universe and the hierarchy of light.

Blavatsky and the Masters
Having exemplified the Will of God in successive embodiments, he ascended in 1898 and now works from higher realms to achieve God-Government on earth. He is the Chief of the Darjeeling Council, the council to which all Ascended Masters belong.

More About El Morya, the Ascended Master

Chief of the Darjeeling Council

El Morya approached Mark L. Prophet in 1958 to found The Summit Lighthouse®. As the Ascended Master El Morya, he works from higher levels to spread the teachings of the Ascended Masters and the Great White Brotherhood.

The Great White Brotherhood is the order of Ascended Masters that has existed for thousands of years. The term white refers to the white light of the aura in all of those who are its members. It is the crystallization of the Christ consciousness, the halo of the saints. It does not refer to race.

El Morya assists souls of light in attaining union with God through the ritual of the ascension. Working with Kuthumi and Dwal Kul, they each represent the three plumes of love, wisdom, and power: Dwal Kul, the love ray, Kuthumi, the wisdom ray, and El Morya the blue ray of power.

El Morya said, “I tell you, beloved, when you keep yourself saturated in the blue ray, and you are alert to every out-of-step state of mind that you might even consider entertaining, you will find that I shall become your champion. Once I become the champion of a chela, I will work with that chela to the end. Thus, beloved, do not think that I take lightly the taking on of a chela.” – El Morya, “Clean House!” Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 38, no. 26.

El Morya inspires in all of his chelas the goal to achieve illumined obedience to the Will of God. He teaches that without dedication to this Will, we cannot be disciplined on any of the other rays. He states that the Will of God is our inner blueprint and the design of our soul. He will take us on as chelas when we prove to be a friend of God, faithful to our inner blueprint, and to the Will of God.

Here is a prayer that we can give to El Morya:

El Morya, thou Chohan of Power
Seal us in thy flame each hour
Guide our way, perfect our zeal
O Morya, all chaos heal!

El Morya, we now command
All of heav’n to take thy stand
For perfection, order, too
In all we think and say and do!

El Morya, thou God of Truth,
In thy flame come seal our youth!
Perfect our way, make straight their paths
Blue-flame pow’r both sure and fast!

El Morya, invoke thy pow’r
Help us work and serve each hour
Help us plan each day aright
By thy love make all things right!

El Morya, we look to thee
Help us gain self-mastery
The Golden Age is drawing nigh
Lift our thoughts to God on high!

El Morya, thy flame expand
Throughout each one in this fair land
Establish order, ritual, too
’Til each one knows just what to do!

El Morya, thou Chohan of Power
Come be with us every hour
The plan of Life to all unfold
Christ-vict’ry in all do mold!

Words from decree 10.09
Copyright © 1965, 1974 Summit Publications, Inc. All rights reserved.

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