The Secret of the 7 Major Religions – Our Core Beliefs

Have you ever wondered why there are so many religions? Have you ever asked yourself which ones have the TRUTH?  The Ascended Masters teach that there are many paths home to God. And the secret in following any of the major religions is to find the most important teaching of that religion…and for its followers to develop that trait in themselves.

The Teachings of the Ascended Masters, the teachings that we follow and study, represent a spiritual path for souls seeking to perfect themselves, do good works, balance their karma and fulfill their reason for being. The Masters teach that it is one of the fastest ways home, but…it is not the only path. Why is it one of the fastest ways to achieve union with God? This is so because these teachings incorporate the Truths of many religions.

These teachings of the Ascended Masters integrate the Truths from the world’s seven major religions: Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Confucianism, Islam, and Taoism. (There are Truths in other religions as well that we incorporate into our spiritual journeys.)

How can the seven major religions all be a TRUE path home? The secret is in knowing that in each of these major religions God revealed a specific quality, image or attribute of Himself. In so doing, He revealed a quality of ourselves that we are meant to develop and perfect.

Each of the seven major religions has a specific quality of God that they exemplify or are meant to exemplify.  By developing that specific attribute, it allows its followers to add it as ‘treasure stored-up in heaven’ to their causal bodies,the spiritual storehouse of every good and perfect thing that is a part of our true identity.

SEE (The Higher Self and Guardian Angel)

As an example of an attribute to be developed, let’s look at one of the major tenets of Christianity, which is to ‘do unto others as you would have done unto you.’ Essentially, the Golden Rule of Love. Christians are meant to perfect in their souls the quality and attribute of God that is LOVE.

Below is a list of the seven major religions and their basic tenets. Note the attribute in each that God has revealed.

The Seven Major Religions - A Specific Attribute of God in Each

Throat Chakra – Blue
Facilitates Our Soul’s Development of the Right Use of God’s Power

Moses and the Ten Commandments
For people in the Jewish religion, God is an intensely personal god, even as they recognize Him to be omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. They aim to please God to fulfill the covenant God made with them long ago. They believe that God enlisted them, ‘chose them,’ to help to repair the damage done in the world, to be His helpers on earth, and to spread the word about Him as the one true God. The latter reflects the personal relationship that the Jews feel God has with them. There is also a mystical side of Judaism, called Kaballah.

Mysticism is the belief that a soul’s ultimate goal is to attain oneness and union with God. This union is achievable because each soul already has an indwelling presence of God, a Divine Spark.

Hear Elizabeth Clare Prophet discuss Judaism.

Crown Chakra – Yellow
Facilitates Our Soul’s Development in God’s Wisdom and Illumination

Gautama Buddha

Buddhism originated from the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, known as Gautama Buddha, who lived from the 6th to the 5th centuries before Christ. He is considered to be the 24th Buddha and the 24th enlightened one. His fundamental teachings are the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path, or the Middle Way. Buddha gathered his teachings from Truths from other religions and philosophies. 

Buddhists do not believe in an overall God. There is no trinity of deified beings, but instead, the Three Jewels, which is a ‘philosophy’ of the wisdom of taking refuge in the Buddha, taking refuge in the teachings of the Buddha (the dharma), and taking refuge in the spiritual community (the Sangha). Elizabeth Clare Prophet teaches on the path of Buddhism.

Heart Chakra – Pink
Facilitates Our Soul’s Development of God’s Love

Jesus Washing the Man's Feet
The religion of Christianity has transformed from its early beginnings. In the 1st and 2nd century, professed Christians believed in:

1) the doctrine of emanations  (spirit sparks from God)

2) the preexistence of souls who fell

3) the redemption by Jesus

4) the distinction between the earthly Jesus and the spiritual Christ

5) the divine feminine

6) the distinction between infinite/ineffable God and the Creator

7) Jesus revealed a secret doctrine to his inner circle

8) Jesus’ life is the pattern to follow

9) evil exists

10) the law of reincarnation

11) Christ as savior possesses the power to restore the soul reigniting the spark of life.

From these core beliefs, the religion changed. Why? And How? Elizabeth Clare Prophet takes us on a historical journey by discussing the mystical origins of Christianity.

Base of the Spine Chakra – White
Facilitates Our Soul’s Development of God’s Purity


Hindus believe in one overall God and that the spirit of God is within mean (it is called the Atman).  They believe that the goal of all of our lifetimes is moksha, uniting with God (as in, when the atman (soul) and brahman (spirit) become one).  The Hindu has a detached view of life, believing that he can take as many lifetimes as he wants to achieve moksha.

Hinduism has a complicated structure, with their mandalas and yantras; the number of religious festivals dedicated to the different gods of their religion; and all the varieties of ritual involved in worshipping. 

Listen as Elizabeth Clare Prophet discusses the mystical Hinduism.

Third Eye – Green
Facilitates Our Soul’s Awareness and Use of Science, Healing, and Truth

Confucius, born in 551BC, influenced the culture of China. At the time that he lived, his beliefs were more practical philosophical and cultural teachings than religion., with his teachings demonstrating the best way to live life. By the time of his death, he had set the teachings for mastery on the physical plane. In essence, he was a one-man university.

Confucianism is more than a religion; it is a way of life. It is about harmony, piety, obedience, work ethic, proper ritual, moral responsibility, and correct relationships between elders and rulers and between rules and the people.  Confucianists believe that in life it is necessary to maintain a proper flow of ch’i (a circulating life energy) to maintain harmony and balance.

Read a teaching by Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Confucianism. (PDF) ConfucianismPoW

Solar Plexus – Purple and Gold
Facilitates Our Soul’s Development of Ministration and Service

Muhammed's Name
The founder of Islam was a prophet and God’s messenger, Muhammed. Muhammed received the text for the Koran, the spiritual book for Muslims, from the Archangel Gabriel in the 6th center. Gabriel was sent by God to confirm the teachings of the former prophets, Adam, Abraham, Moses and Jesus.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet recognized Muhammad as a messenger of God, and she said that there is great Truth in the Koran. She confirmed that Archangel Gabriel dictated the Koran to Muhammed and that he was a soul of light …. a true and great prophet of God. He is listed among the names of the saints East and West and a drawing of Mohammed has appeared in some of The Summit Lighthouse publications. 

Interestingly, Elizabeth Clare Prophet did not give teachings on Islam when she taught on the world’s major religions… instead she played a video about the Sufis, a mystical order of Muslims. She also gave a lecture on Saladin, the great 12th-century Muslin leader who led his army against the Christian crusaders.

Seat of the Soul – Violet
Facilitates Our Soul’s Development of God’s Freedom and Mercy

Lao Tzu
Lao Tzu is believed to the be the founder of Taoism in the 6th century. The legend of Tao Tzu is that he retired from official service, traveled around the country on an ox, and wrote the Tao Te Ching (“The Classic of the Way and its Power”), the text upon which Taoists rely.  This book initially addressed the needs of society, with 5,000 pictograms. It is the second most translated book in the world.  This work addresses the unchanging principle behind the universe, the Tao. Tao is the unproduced producer of all that is, the origin of all things.

Taoists do not speak of God in a personal way. Harmony in life is the Tao. Tao is a practice of how you live your life. The Tao never acts, yet nothing is left undone. It is the path of naturalness and unconstrained spontaneity, creative inaction, natural, harmonious life with little importance to material gain. Immortality can be achieved by the attaining of an enduring subtle body, spiritual freedom and effortless spontaneity. It can only be achieved by setting free some part of oneself, proper directing of forces within the body, through breathing exercises, through control of sexual energy, through alchemy, through behavior, through following the way of the Immortals.

Hear Elizabeth Clare Prophet address the Tao.

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